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Die richtige Bodenbeschichtung für Ihr Parkhaus in Frankfurt, Mainz, Darmstadt und Bundesweit

Beschichtung von Parkhäusern

At EpoCon GmbH, we prioritize quality when it comes to the right floor coating for your parking garage. The daily traffic of vehicles, penetration of substances, and extreme wear and tear put constant stress on the surfaces of parking structures. We are at your service as a specialized company with over 15 years of experience for your underground garages located across the country.




What types of floor coatings are there?

Although screed and reinforced concrete have long been considered standard flooring for garages, parking garages, and underground garages, caution is advised. Unsealed, these floors allow moisture to penetrate, are prone to stains, and eventually lead to cracks and wear in underground garages.

Since parking structures are exposed to continuous stress, they require special sealants. That’s why modern coatings increasingly focus on surface protection with epoxy resin and polyurethane resin. This type of floor protection is versatile in its applications and is known for:

  • Easy application
  • Resilience and durability
  • Easy cleaning due to dirt repellency
  • Sealing protective layer

Additionally, epoxy resin and other resins promise an attractive, customizable appearance. Depending on your needs, user-friendly markings can be integrated, harmoniously matched in color.


What safety standards must be considered when selecting floor coatings?

Parking areas are exposed to various thermal, chemical, and mechanical stresses depending on their location and construction, which can vary from one parking structure to another. Parking decks are particularly exposed, while ramps must withstand increased friction. To avoid creating safety hazards due to these influences, the right surface protection must fulfill the following specific functions and properties:

  • Slip resistance
  • Sound insulation
  • Waterproofing and frost resistance
  • Abrasion resistance

To ensure that your underground parking garage complies with all relevant norms and regulations, we provide complimentary guidance and support at EpoCon GmbH.



Floor Coatings for Parking Structures: Installation and Maintenance

Modern floor coatings offer further advantages when it comes to easy installation and maintenance of surface protection. The coating is easy to apply, saving both time and costs. Initial use of the floors can commence as soon as 24 hours after application. However, for vehicle use, it is advisable to allow for a curing time of approximately seven days.

Additionally, epoxy resin, due to its dirt-repellent, dust-free, and seamless properties, is easy to maintain and can last for several years. The coating is resistant to water, oils, fuels, and road salts. In cases of light soiling, dry cleaning is usually sufficient.

Choosing the Right Provider

A high-quality floor coating enhances the usability of parking structures and prevents costly renovations. Given the varying stresses on these surfaces, it is crucial that the surface protection is tailored to your specific requirements and that the necessary expertise and technical equipment are available.

At EpoCon GmbH, we have specialized in system solutions for concrete repair, structural sealing, and floor coatings for parking structures and industrial spaces for over 15 years. As a family-owned business, we place a strong emphasis on quality and customer orientation. This is why we guarantee short lead times and offer complimentary consultation and cost estimates, even for larger projects.

Contact us now and schedule a consultation to learn more about our products.


FAQ on Floor Coatings in Parking Structures

Why Should You Coat Parking Structure Floors?

Parking structures are used by a multitude of vehicles daily, inevitably leaving traces on the floor over time. With a parking structure floor coating, you can protect your parking facility's floor in the long term, preventing the structural integrity from being compromised due to intense use. Open decks, in particular, are subjected to significant thermal stress, which can take its toll on the parking structure floor over time.
Especially with concrete and screed, which have been the common choices for parking structure floors, an unsealed surface can allow moisture to penetrate deeply. Additionally, both materials are susceptible to stains. Both of these issues can be effectively prevented with the right parking structure floor coating. Furthermore, most coatings make the cleaning of the parking structure floor more manageable. With a coating for your parking structure floor, you can look forward to easier maintenance and upkeep in the future.

What Types of Parking Structure Floor Coatings Are There?

The most popular materials and types of parking structure floor coatings currently are epoxy resin coating systems and protective layers made of polyurethane resin. Both epoxy and polyurethane resins can be easily applied to all kinds of floors. They are capable of covering existing wear and filling irregularities. This makes them suitable for application even if your parking structure floor has already sustained minor damage due to years of use.

Both parking structure floor coatings with polyurethane and those with epoxy resin are highly durable and resistant when properly cured. As these materials are naturally resistant to dirt, they not only prevent deep staining but also make the floor of your parking structure easier and quicker to clean. This combination significantly simplifies the maintenance and upkeep of your parking structure.

How Much Does Parking Structure Floor Coating Cost?

Costs for a parking structure floor coating depend on several individual variables. The most important factors include the size of the floor area to be coated and its distribution across different parking levels. The number and types of markings you desire on your floor coating also impact the price. Finally, the choice of materials and the desired thickness of the parking structure floor coating naturally introduce variations in cost. We would be happy to provide you with a customized quote for your project.

What is the best parking garage floor coating?

In recent years, epoxy resin-based parking structure floor coatings have increasingly emerged as the best solution. They are not only dirt-repellent and dust-free but also very easy to maintain. Their resistance to water, oils, fuels, and road salt makes dry cleaning sufficient for removing light soiling. This makes them a reliable choice that simplifies the maintenance of your parking structure over the years.


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